Post Title: 5 tips for surviving long flights in Economy

Flying in economy doesn't need to suck. Sure, airlines have done alot in recent years to try to get you to cough up more money for any and everything but like most things, we can adapt and try to still have as good an experience as possible.

Here's my tips for when I find myself sitting behind the wing.

      #1: Come prepared

      I used to be that person who scoffed at people who treated getting on a plane like it was a camping trip. Now if I'm in "cattle" class I come with my own travel pillow and other essentials like painkillers, snacks and electronics to keep me comfy and entertained.

      #2: Bring your own water

      Yes, they provide it free in flight, but at least for me, it's either never enough or they don't come by frequently enough (or can't due to turbulence). What can I say, I have a thirst.

      #3: Dress for the long haul

      To be clear here, a plane is not your house. That being said, for awhile I used to always fly in a button down shirt and slacks. Nowadays, I always change into a polo or t-shirt because it's even harder to grab some shut eye if you're uncomfortable.

      #4: Don't piss off your seatmates (or the crew)

      I love window seats. Love, love, love them. In coach that typically means that there are two other people between me and the bathroom (and my overhead items) at all times. Given this, I try to be considerate and reduce the number of times I need to get up by trying to get everything I need at once. This is especially important on red eyes or long flights where they're likely to be asleep for part of journey.

      #5: Always try to escape

      Always ask at check-in if there's any discounted offers for First or Business Class or Premium Economy. It won't always work, but sometimes the flight isn't full and airlines will sell you a seat in a premium cabin for much less than if you had bought it outright. Even if you don't manage to escape economy, maybe a sympathetic agent can place you in a better seat with more legroom or something else. Some economy seats are much better than others.

      #6: BONUS: If you can't escape, get the best possible seats

      Not all economy seats are created equal. Check out sites like SeatGuru which give you recommendations of the best (and also worst) seats on the plane in terms of legroom, proximity to the bathroom, missing windows, etc.

Most important of all, focus on the destination. It's hopefully much more important and impressive than how you get there!

Happy Jetsetting and check out some of the pics tagged #behindTheWing on Instagram!