Post Title: 5 tips on saving money on a trip to Europe

Europe is my most visited continent for good reason. Getting around the continent can be much easier than other places, given how close and dense everything is. Here are some tips to save some money as well!

      #1: Avoid UK airports if at all possible

      I've mentioned it before on my trip to Madrid but when traveling to Europe, the absolutely most expensive place to arrive/depart is from an UK airport.

      Avoid them and you'll save some cash. There's plenty of other nearby airports that you can connect via if your final destination is not within the UK itself.

      #2: European trains are awesome

      Europe has excellent transit links beyond just planes. Train travel can be a fun way to explore.

      I especially love high speed rails like the Eurostar between the UK and France/Belgium and the TGV within France.

      Plus train stations tend to be in the city center, unlike airports. Nothing like arriving right in the heart of a city!

      #3: Go to multiple places

      Given the ease of getting around the continent, I highly recommend visiting multiple cities and/or countries during a trip.

      Much cheaper than trying to schedule separate trips.

      #4: Grab a SIM card with free EU roaming

      From mid-2017, if you have a SIM card from one EU country, you'll have free roaming everywhere else, but until then, there's a few options.

      If you're US based and have T-Mobile US, you can roam for free already.

      If not, grab a Three SIM card if you're based in or passing through the UK, their Feel At Home scheme will work almost everywhere in the EU.

      #5: A single currency makes life easier

      As you probably know, many EU countries share a common currency.

      If you plan your trip such that you cover many Euro-zone countries at once, you can avoid random leftover currency and skip a few trips to the ATM or Bureau De Change.

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Happy Jetsetting!