Post Title: Tynemouth: Off The Beaten Path in North England

When most people think of England, London probably comes to mind. It is after all the biggest and most well known city in England and the greater U.K. Many people also know a few other cities like Birmingham, Manchester and York. The focus of this post is a cute little north-eastern town close to the city of Newcastle called Tynemouth.

Tynemouth is called as such because it's the start (a.k.a mouth) of the Tyne river. Here's a few pics of why it's worth your time to take a stroll along the Tyne.

      The castle

      The Tynemouth Castle and Priory are a sight to behold. You can also tour the site and its ruins. On this beautiful day many people were just sitting on the lawns with this amazing backdrop.

      Did I mention the castle overlooks a beach?

      Yep. A beautiful sandy beach. For some reason I don't generally associate England with sandy beaches but boy was I wrong!

      And leads to multiple beautiful walkways?

      What's a beautiful beach town without nice pathways to walk around and take in scenic views all around.

      All the way to a beachside church?

      Yet another beach. The one happens to have one of the most beautiful waterside settings for a church I've personally ever seen.

      Don't forget the weekend market in a charming train station

      On weekends the local Metro station turns into a market. We picked up a few art items on our walk through.

Ok, so how do I get there?


Take a train from London Kings Cross or Edinburgh to Newcastle Central Station. Once you arrive at the station, take the Metro to Tynemouth.


Newcastle Airport (NCL) has many UK, EU and international flights. Once you arrive at NCL, hop on the metro to Tynemouth.

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