Post Title: Exploring a different side of Hong Kong

There's something about visiting someplace a second or third time. With all of the must-do attractions out of the way, you're able to make it your own and take a different approach to your visit.

This is especially true when contemplating attractions that are far away from the tourist center or that require a big chunk of what is usually quite a limited time period.

This was my second trip to Hong Kong and this freedom gave me the flexibility to take an amazing, scenic 4-hour hike in what felt like the middle of nowhere. Let's begin!

      This is Hong Kong

      This is what most people think of when it comes to Hong Kong. This is just a small bit of the amazing city skyline.

      But this (perhaps surprisingly) is also Hong Kong

      This is only a 30 minute drive (or cab ride) from the bustling city center.

      The Path

      We started our journey by arriving at Shek O Road and getting onto the Hong Kong Trail.

      Our chosen route was section 8 of the overall trail: The Dragon's Back!

      The Climb

      At some points, it really was an uphill climb. The hike is categorized as Difficult, but generally I found it ok. Just come with good shoes and plenty of water.

      The View

      The view the entire way up was so worth it. Gliding was also a quite popular way to see everything.

      The Summit

      We did eventually make it to the top, where this sign was posted. We were at an elevation of 284 meters (932 feet).

      The Glide

      At the summit, we arrived as someone was taking off. It looked like fun, but definitely not for me!

      The Descent

      From the summit, we continued on the path. Much of the walk down lacked the expansive views, but it provided its own beautiful backdrop, providing close proximity to vegetation.

      The Stream

      We even came across this stream running along the path.

      The City

      We soon started seeing signs of another kind of beauty, the city, out in the distance.

      It had been surprisingly easy to forget just how close we actually were to it.

      The Beach

      At the end of the path, is yet another sight, Tai Long Wan beach.

      A great hike, with a beautiful end point.

The Scoop


The hike takes about 4 hours and is 8.5km (5.3 miles) long.


You can easily drive or get a cab to the starting point. You can also take public transit.


Bring plenty of water, some snacks and comfortable shoes.


There are no trash cans or bathrooms along the route. If you bring it in, take it out.


The Dragon's Back trail is section 8 of the greater Hong Kong trail. You can find more info about the full trail here.

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