Post Title: 5 Tips for Booking Weekend Getaways

Extended weekends are a great opportunity to jet. Here's 5 handy tips for planning your next weekend trip.

      #1: Consider Saturday AM instead of Friday PM

      Early Saturday morning travel is often much cheaper than Friday evenings. In many cases, you don't lose much time since you would typically arrive late in the evening anyway.

      My trip to Costa Rica over Memorial Day weekend in 2016 began on Saturday morning and even got me a free upgrade to business class since there were fewer people traveling.

      Added savings: This means you can spend one less night on a hotel room.

      #2: Return one day later

      Similarly, returning the day after the extended weekend, i.e. Tuesday, is generally cheaper. This also works on non 3-day weekends as well by the way.

      Bonus: Consider extending your trip even further into the week. Wednesday is a great day to end a trip, as the next weekend is then just two days away!

      #3: Look nearby

      Given the limited length of time available, consider destinations that are close to you, as this minimizes overall travel time. When I lived in New York, I made weekend trips to Washington-DC, Chicago-IL, Boston-MA, Philadelphia-PA, Pittsburgh-PA, Providence-RI and Fire Island-NY.

      Bonus: Consider alternate modes of transport. By being close, you can travel by car, rail, ferry or bus instead of heading to a busy airport.

      #4: Maximize awake time on the ground

      If you do want to go somewhere farther away (or happen to find an amazing deal) then maybe sacrifice some sleep by taking an overnight flight in both directions.

      For my trip to Rio De Janeiro last January, I took an overnight flight on the Friday PM landing on Saturday AM and then maximized my time there by taking a Monday evening overnight flight landing early Tuesday AM.

      Bonus: Consider taking the latest flight out on your final day, it enables you to make the most of that final day and delay reality a bit longer

      #5: Last minute is A-OK

      Three-day weekends can sometimes spring up on you. Suddenly it's here and you have no plans, but that's not a reason to despair. I've booked weekend trips the week before and even once, hours before takeoff! The trick is knowing where to look and how to book. Consider using Google Flights to see a map view of all available flights under a certain price threshold.

      Bonus: While prices in cash may be sky high, flights and hotels using miles and/or points may be readily available, especially within 24 hours of departure.

There are many 3-day weekends left this year, so start thinking about how best to maximize them now!

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